My name is Dreams Adewale Ayantoye

The challenge::

For me, having a future to look toward to was too much of a luxury. As a matter of fact, I was the odd amongst my mates in my little home village. My life was marked and confined but not for an adventurous dreamer like myself. The restless fighter in me had to be born. I must find myself. Adewale Ayantonye cannot be caged.

The effect on your life and business::

Growing up was not much of fun for me considering the fact that I spent the early part of my formative days in a rural area (village), where living each day was without any form of concrete plan! Did I just say concrete plan? Sorry I meant to say no plan at all. And please don’t even go the extra miles of asking me what I wish to do when I grow up, because I have never thought of what the future held for me. To as much as speak Nigeria’s lingua franca (English language) fluently as at then was like trying to speak Hebrew in the 21st century, I remember I got to Lagos with the ability to speak very few words in English.

How you evolved ‘your unique’ solution::

Getting to Lagos was the revolution I need to turn my life around, after much tutelage and mentoring I started walking down the path life has created for me but left unattended to by me. My leadership capacity and potentials started unravelling when I was saddled with so many responsibilities right from my primary school days till my days in secondary school and in the process winning many awards for my schools and eventually I was trusted with the office of the senior prefect.

Sharing my story with you might make everything look so easy and fun filled but to be real with you I cannot ignore the fact that my only sets of toys while growing up were books. I was expose to many books both from fictions to biography and to books my dad won during his days in the university, all of these helped in polishing and shaping both my thinking and attitude as a being and the interesting thing is that the very same village boy who could hardly communicate in English is now a frontier of various national projects and a consultant. Basically, I have come to realise that what we go through in life has a lot to do in shaping positively or negatively who we end up to be.
After secondary school I discovered and fully uncovered who I am meant to be, the interesting thing is I discovered who I am meant to be while inside a ‘Danfo’ anyway that is another story for another day.

The impact of the solution to your life & business::

Today, as a human capacity consultant and author of books, I have managed several national projects and not only have I helped people discover their destiny; I have successfully mentored and tailored them.
Having a charity organisation can be fun but not without its own challenges, but today we have successfully helped over 10,000 lives and my book LEADERSHIP MADNESS has blessed a lot of lives internationally, not to talk of the stream of feedbacks flowing in from both my radio programs ‘wisdom bite and A date with destiny’ and conferences.

My brief profile::

My name is Dreams Adewale Ayantoye, multiple award winner, UNESCO peace Ambassador for western Nigeria in 2008/2009, winner AFRICA WOMEN AND YOUTH ORGANIZATION (AWYO) 2010, AEC AWARD WINNER 2011, A projector coordinator at the GEMSTONE global reading festival wining 4 new world records, He is founder of Nations For Less privileged (NFL), Nigeria. He is a writer, a speaker, a coach, a trainer, a radio presenter, and a Human Resource Manager

He is the CEO of Words Express Consult, Dextune Group of Companies, and Visionary of Education for less privileged by 2015. He is currently working on some new projects tagged FORMULA ONE, GEI (GLOBAL EDUCATION IMPACT) and THE CEOs

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